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Little over twelve months ago Kurtis Murphy conjured the inspiration behind the Biking for Barnardos campaign having been inspired by Ewan McGregors “Long Way Round”. Frustrated with simple life in Morecambe, he set out to turn the most mammoth of tasks into a reality. All he needed was a license, a motorbike, a fellow rider, documentation, maps, equipment and a motivated attitude. Due to the high demands that the trip obviously entailed, and in order for Biking for Barnardos to be a success, he believed, and required a fellow rider that brought with him a variety of different skills, abilities and a working dynamic. Instead he settled for lifelong friend David Snelling who also lacked in pretty much all of the requirements to conquer this campaign. However now a twosome they were a unified force of uselessness, but they have a dream. With the two man riding team in place Biking for Barnardos is fully on track. Whether this turns out to be a track to success or failure is still to be seen.

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