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Why barnardo's?

Growing up near to a local Barnardo’s store, our mothers have always donated our old clothes (even when we felt we weren’t ready to part with them) and this is a tradition we have kept up to this day.

Even in the initial stages when the venture was just a dream we always imagined that the trip could be used to benefit a worthy cause and aid those people less fortunate than ourselves.

On our journey we will be visiting parts of the world where there are many needy people with the vast majority of those being children.

Although faces, religion, culture and language may change children will always be vulnerable and dependant on others.

We believe that Barnardos conducts great work around the globe and thought that it would be a fitting charity to be involved with on our worldwide trip.

Our aim is to raise in excess of ten thousand pounds but we need your help! Over the next eighteen months, we will be donating 100% of our fundraising to Barnardos, and if you organise your own fundraising event to help us reach our target we will donate 100% of the money you raise to the charity, (a receipt can be provided as confirmation that you funds have reached the charity.)  

We hope that you can see how important this venture is to us and our drive and dedication to make this a success.


Barnardo's no longer run orphanages – They provide direct support to 110,000 vulnerable children, young people and their families through running 380 projects at home, school and in the local community. Every project is different but each has the same goal: protecting, nurturing and providing opportunities for the most vulnerable children and young people over the long term, and enabling them to face the future with hope.It is a sad fact that over 130 years since Barnardo's started working with children many are still at risk from many forms of abuse and harm. Anything that has the potential to damage or limit the future development of a child is a reason for us all to help.

Barnardos believe the future of our society depends on children and that they should be protected from harm, should enjoy good emotional and physical health and feel like they belong in their home and community. It is never too early or too late to offer a helping hand and to give the most disadvantaged children and young people the chance of a better childhood and a brighter future.


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