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meet the team - kurtis

More About Kurtis - Originating from a travelling, fairground background, Kurtis (age 22), has rarely escaped his home town of Morecambe. As a keen sportsman and boxing enthusiast, Kurtis thrives on the challenge that this campaign holds yet is obviously nervous. The biking for Barnardos campaign was conjured by Kurtis through the inspiration of “Jupiter’s Travels” and “The Long Way Round” combined with the desire to help children that are deprived and who do not have the opportunities that he has had. As a new addition to motorbike riding, Kurtis strives to combine an epic adventure with a charitable cause. Kurtis hopes that he can bring a great deal of motivation, organisation and excitement to the venture. Through this he hopes the trip will be a success and raise awareness for Barnardos while reaching the £10,000 target.
Having attended the same school as David, he achieved qualifications to which has led him to currently study at Lancaster University for a degree in Criminology. Kurtis is now at a stage where he is ready to push the books aside and opt for the challenge of his life. The days of hours buried in a book in the library are soon to be over and his life changing journey will soon begin.


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