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meet the team - david

More About David- David (age 23), grew up as a close friend of Kurtis and often spent much of his time scheming new challenges and adventures throughout his adolescent years. When aged 16 David joined the RAF Regiment and has since felt the security and melancholy nature of the forces has led him to aspire to more independence. Although David feels some of the best years of his life have been within the forces he feels the need to broaden his horizons further. David sees the trip as a chance to do something for himself and become totally self-sufficient while giving him a chance to learn new skills. David has been burdened with the responsibility to learn bike maintenance, medical care, a foreign language and the art of navigation and raise money for charity in under 12 months. (He is not optimistic). On a personal note, with David’s good nature he hopes to reiterate his belief that good people exist all over the world despite race, religion and class. (If not the boys are in serious trouble!!!).


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