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7th  December 2006:

David has just passed his motorbike test, which is probably an important factor to travelling around the world. He is now on the hunt for a motorbike to potter around on.

22nd  March 2007

Kurtis and David have just had an additional rider join them on the trip. Paul Sanderson will now join them on their adventure around the world. More details to follow…….

11th April 2007

The boys set out for their first test run for three days to Scotland. Please click on the link to view their brief trip video.

13th April 2007

Boys return from their trip to Scotland. It was a complete success despite Kurtis’s chain broke, David ran out of petrol in the fast lane on the motorway, Paul got lost, David bumped another car and they all got stuck off- roading in a forest. This does not bode well for a round the world trip.

14th April 2007

Due to the obvious setbacks of the trip, it appears one of the most experienced riders (Paul) has gone AWOL and no longer appears to be joining around the world. The boys are currently auditioning for a third rider, however criteria MUST specify that the rider is useless and does not even know how to ride a bike!!

11th June 2007

Kurtis and David decide to set off to Rome on further trial run. They meet two Bulgarians on the ferry crossing who think the idea of them attempting this trip is insane and warn them of the dangers of Eastern Europe. Video of the Europe trip can be seen by clicking the link to the youtube video on the homepage

12th June

After a straight 16 hours of riding the boys make it to Brussells, (Belgium). They subsequently get lost for a further 2 hours. Later that day they reside in Tienen.

13th June 2007

After a brief stop in Luxembourg, the boys endure a tough ride to Strasburg, yet Kurtis fell off his bike when a group of French youths kicked a football at him. Took some time to get the bike starting again especially when the boys don’t know what they are looking at, yet somehow managed to get up and running and camped on a building site where they were joined for tea by a fox.

14th June 2007

Damage made to Kurtis’ motorbike meant needing more oil, so after David returned to aid Kurtis the boys pressed on to Switzerland. That evening the boys bathed in cold river before setting up tent.

15th June 2007

Disaster day!! Everything for the boys is going wrong after last nights rain. All their gear is soaked and when they finally got to Milan (Italy), David had a problem with his coolant. This led to Kurtis going off alone to find help leaving David for 5 hours on his own. He entertained himself by drying his clothes out on a washing line across the town centre of Milan. That night the boys too exhausted to set up tent and so camp under stars in town of Medena.

16th June 2007

Boys had a fabulous ride through the Italian Alps and found the small town of Pratolino, home to Giamboligna’s Appeninnes statue. Pressed on to Rome in the afternoon yet were forced to spend their first night in accommodation due to Rome being too urban to set up tent. The boys needed a good wash anyway.

17th June 2007

David has nearly snapped his key which will leave the boys stranded as David has not taken a spare set. One thing to remember for the World Trip next year! Boys relaxed today and took in the sights around Rome. David remember at 4pm that it is his birthday.

18th June 2007

Boys leave for Pisa and fall asleep outside as soon as they arrived. Found a spot to camp in a valley yet Kurtis fell off bike (again) and snapped his brake lever. To make things worse the boys have lost the tent poles and now have to tie the tent to a tree each night resulting in cold wet evenings.

19th June 2007

Woke up in morning and Kurtis dropped his bike before they set off and now has matching broken brake levers. Boys make it to Monte Carlo, Monaco. Boys spend some time on the beach with the rich and famous despite looking like tramps. Camped nearby.

20th June 2007

Boys ride to Nice (France), and then proceed to ride through the French Alps. Camped out in a “spooky” forest and had a very uneasy night.

21st June 2007

Boys continue to ride through the French Alps passing Lyon and meeting some very interesting characters. The boys camp out in the mountains overlooking France.

22nd June 2007

Boys progress to Paris and camp just outside ready for the final day tomorrow.

23rd June 2007

The final day was a hard ride for the boys. Having taken in the sights of Paris and managing to catch the ferry crossing, the toughest ride has been riding back home to Morecambe. The boys were caught up in the floods on the motorway at 2am in the morning. The boys have decided they have much to learn before departure for the World Trip. View the boys brief youtube video by clicking the link on the homepage.

13th August 2007

The boys have started to publicise their trip leading to them appearing on BBC radio Lancashire and three local newspapers.

22nd August 2007

The boys receive national coverage from Channel 5 news. They have also been asked to participate in regular updates and coverage from the trip next year.

1st April 2008 

The boys have acquired two new motorbikes with thanks to Wyder Suzuki. Check out the “Our Bikes” section of the website for more details.

2nd April 2008

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